Post operatory care

Post operatory care

The benefits of Cerviron in the post operatory management

Cerviron® in the form of vaginal ovules may be recommended for postoperative care after cauterization of the cervix.

Cerviron® treatment aims at the complete remission of the wounds of the cervical mucosa, by:
  1. Control of potentially pathogenic micro-organisms in the vaginal mucosa and cervical mucosa
  2. Restoration of vaginal microflora and vaginal pH
  3. Calming irritations and inflammation in the cervix
  4. Relieving discomfort and reducing pain
  5. Reduction of bleeding

Due to the bismuth subgallate in the composition, Cerviron® has an astringent action that gives it a hemostatic and drying effect, by regulating the production of new epithelial cells and the formation of connective tissue. In addition, bismuth subgallate acts on coagulation factor XII, activating the coagulation cascade which leads to wound closure.

Collagen supports the formation of granular tissue, through nutritional, moisturizing and trophic effect, and Thyme and Hydrastis have antimicrobial effects and fight against potentially pathogenic microorganisms. Hexylresorcinol reduces the adhesion of pathogenic bacteria to the vaginal mucosa and cervical mucosa. Marigold extract helps soothe irritations and inflammation in the cervix.

For postoperative care of cervical wounds, one Cerviron® ovule should be administered daily, preferably in the evening, before bedtime, for 15 days. The duration of administration is 3 consecutive months.

The ovule melts at the level of the vaginal mucosa forming a cream that ensures the uniform dispersion of the substances and has an astringent effect, favoring the re-epithelialization of the damaged tissue and maintaining a healthy vaginal flora.